Quikr GST
  • Are you able to collect the outstandings as per the payment terms?
  • Do your team sometimes forget to generate invoice on time, especially for milestone based billing?
  • Do you have a follow up mechanism which prompts, escalates and sends automatic reminders?
  • Does collection become an even bigger challenge when a sales person leaves?
  • Do you attribute interest cost to delays in a systematic way to the person responsible, and make a meaningful impact on his incentives?
  • Do you spend a lot of time in retrieving documents?
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Is Delay in collection of outstandings hitting your WORKING CAPITAL?


Since history of updates is not available, the mistakes/poor follow up or other problems remain hidden.

Interest cost due to delay is not visible or attributed to the sales person.

Lack of timely and accurate information leads to poor focus.

Reviews by management is not easy as all details are not available



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